Our Philosopy

We teach Aikido according to the ethical, technical, and philosophical principles transmitted by Hirokazu Kobayashi through his successors. We also understand it, and more in general, we approach budo, Japanese martial arts, as an evolving tradition, as we seek to preserve its good virtues while discarding its anachronistic elements and adapting its teachings to the need of the modern world. Hence, while our classes are grounded in the traditional Aikikai curriculum, we differ from most schools in that we incorporate scientifically sound physical exercises and technical principles from other jujutsu-derived arts such as Judo and Brazilian Jiujitsu as well as pressure testing in the form of randori (sparring).

We welcome members of all ways of life and abilities to our group classes and are always keen to help beginners start. We also understand that practice has no religious significance but is meant to introduce individuals to an ethical dimension that can be summarized as follows: to be connected with the other and put ourselves at the center of a conflict instead of rejecting it.